Traditional braces use archwires to apply pressure, and these are held in place with elastic bands. These little ties are not without their problems: the elastic bands can create friction in the braces and make corrective treatment longer. Many patients also find these harder to clean and to keep up with the maintenance needs.

One alternative to traditional braces that use elastic bands is called the Damon System, also known as the Damon Smile or Damon Braces. What is it, how does it work, and does it work as advertised?

What Is The Damon System?

The Damon System is a type of brace that comes in clear, almost invisible, material, and traditional stainless steel. This type of orthodontics known as a “passive self-litigating system.” Passive self-litigating systems use different ways of holding the wire in place; the Damon System, for instance, uses specialized clips that look like little metal doors to hold the archwires in place. Rather than using elastic bands to keep the wire in the brackets, these alternative types of treatment seek to eliminate the pressure from the elastics and make the orthodontic treatment more comfortable.

Enter the Damon System. One of the more contemporary innovations in passive self-litigating systems, it uses a patented slide mechanism to connect the archwires to the bracket while allowing the wire to move freely without friction. It uses very light, shape-memory titanium wires to guide the teeth into their ideal position. These slides reduce the amount of pressure on the tooth and remove the need for bands and metal ties.

The Damon System can be used to treat crooked teeth, overcrowding, and mild to severe cases of malocclusion. It may also give patients with these corrective needs a fuller, more balanced smile. What are the other benefits of this self-litigating system?

How Well Does The Damon System Work?

The big claim to fame of the Damon System is how well it works at reducing the number of trips to the orthodontist. It moves teeth faster and gets results without extractions or expanders, and because it’s self-litigating, appointments aren’t needed to tighten wires. The treatment time varies based on the severity of the case, but the Damon System is typically much faster than conventional braces. On top of that, there are far fewer appointments needed during treatment.

Another benefit of the Damon System – one that removes a lot of the self-consciousness from the orthodontic treatment – is that it improves oral hygiene. By eliminating elastic ties, which are difficult to clean and easily collect harmful bacteria, you’ll have an easier time cleaning your teeth.

The Damon System’s use of a gentle, low-friction pressure means there is less discomfort, less maintenance, and less time that patients have to go through orthodontic treatment. It’s also virtually invisible, making it perfect for those who might be self-conscious about their braces. Talk to us about how we can give you a Damon Smile!