When considering orthodontic care for yourself or a family member it can feel overwhelming, and you may not be sure what questions to ask. You should know that not all dental practitioners are created equal. Some specialize in different areas of care. Orthodontists receive additional university training, education and certification in their field of expertise.

Many practitioners who provide orthodontic treatment do not have additional orthodontic training from an accredited university, yet they still may refer to themselves as an orthodontist. We believe you should be informed when deciding who you will chose to do your orthodontic work.

The following is a list of questions to consider when looking for an orthodontic provider:

● Did you graduate from a recognized post-dental school graduate program?

● Are you an Orthodontic Specialist?

● Did you have orthodontic treatment done? If so, did an orthodontic specialist treat your smile?

● How will you correct my bite/occlusion (by using rubber bands, etc)?

● Will I need to have any teeth removed?

● Will you place brackets on all of my teeth (including second molars)?

● Have you treated many cases similar to mine? Do you have photos for me to see?

● Do you develop your own treatment plans?

● Do you work with any other specialists to complete treatment? (ex. periodontist)

● Do you place your own braces or do you use the assistance of a lab?

● Will you offer an alternate to braces for me such as Invisalign if I am a candidate?

● May I speak to patients that have completed treatment?

● Have you completed all cases without the assistance of an orthodontic specialist?

● Will you create a smile that will be the best match for my face?

● Can I see photos of actual patients you have treated? What will my responsibilities be during treatment? Frequency of visits etc.

● Will I have to wear retainers after my braces come off? If so, for how long?