Retainer Protection Plan

Retainer Protection Program

Having braces was the hard part – let the rest be easy. Let us help you keep smiling.

With our Retainer Protection Program, you can protect that smile for which you have worked so hard for. Our Retainer Protection Program offers replacement retainers up to 7 years after your treatment! Our Retainer Protection Program will allow you to insure your retainer, giving you added protection so that you can go on smiling worry-free for years to come.

Benefits to you:

  • Hassle-free replacement of retainers.
  • Protection – keep your teeth healthy and straight!
  • Opportunity to save money on replacements, because as we know, life happens.

With our Retainer Protection Program, you can worry less about taking your retainers to camp, sleepovers, or even leaving near pets; instead, enjoy your brand-new smile and all that comes with it.

You can get a head start by filing out our online form here – Retainer Replacement Application Form. This program is eligible to present and past patients with Essix retainers and comes with 3 affordable payment options. You can enroll any time.

Have questions? Simply contact our team for full Retainer Protection Program details.