One part of braces that is almost impossible to avoid is how they make cleaning plaque out of your mouth’s nooks and crannies more difficult. The brackets and wires create places for food particles and bacteria to hide, making cleaning more challenging.

Braces will only leave a mark afterwards if food is left against the teeth, it creates stains. Sometimes, the glue that is used to place the braces gets stained, but once the braces are removed, that glue is removed.

What Causes Brace White Marks?

brace stainsThe white marks that you may notice on teeth after your braces are removed come from a process called demineralization or decalcification. Plaque build-up behind and around the wire and brackets gives bacteria an ideal place to grow and thrive. The bacteria discharge acids that, over time, leach minerals out of the tooth and cause discoloration.

When the braces come off, the spots where the brackets were will be the same colour as before, while there may be a white halo around where the bracket was. This increases the risk of more serious issues like gum disease or tooth decay.


Can I Avoid Stains?

While stains are hard to avoid, they aren’t inevitable! The best place to start is by avoiding or limiting certain foods and drinks. Coffee, pop, red wine, and anything that includes food colouring can stain the teeth; some lesser-known problem foods are mustard and foods with tomato or tomato paste as ingredients.

Brushing after meals is necessary for those with braces because food and drink particles shouldn’t be left to sit on your teeth for long periods. Always include flossing and mouthwash, as they will let you reach more places to eliminate any germs that would otherwise linger and cause staining.


How Can I Remove Post Braces Stains?

Even with taking the proper precautions, some staining can still occur. Don’t panic – most stains go away with a good brushing regiment or a trip to the dentist for a thorough cleaning and polish! In most cases, saliva dulls the discolouration until it becomes unnoticeable over time. The best bet is to keep your rigid brushing schedule. A routine of brushing after every meal, using floss, and swishing mouthwash can help you reach all the areas in your mouth and wipe those stains away.

You may be able to get your teeth whitened by a professional after the removal of your braces. It’s natural to want them looking their best as soon as possible – you’ve spent so much time waiting for your smile to align, you’ll want to show it off right away! Talk to your orthodontist if a whitening procedure is proper for you; some can get the treatment right after the braces come off, while others may have to wait.