As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we’re slowly moving into a routine that keeps patients and staff safe. One key part of reopening our offices is the virtual orthodontic appointment. We’ll use the power of a virtual tool called Orthodontic Screening Kit to perform consultations for both new and existing patients.


How Does A Virtual Orthodontic Appointment Work?

At the top of our website, you’ll see the “Book Virtual Appointment” button. We use this pop-up screening tool to let patients send photos of their teeth and jaw to us. All you have to do is:

  • When prompted, Smile!
  • Snap! The camera on your device will take photos.
  • Send! You send the photos to our team, and we’ll get back to you with the results and next steps!


Clients can complete the screening without having to visit our office. We can use the photos to decide if you or your child needs to see an orthodontist in person. Our team can even provide treatment recommendations, seeing if traditional braces, Invisalign, or other options are necessary. 

Before we can do anything official, though, we would need to book an appointment. Virtual consultations look for the usual problems related to alignment as a precursor to any work done by a trained professional. If you are doing a virtual orthodontic consultation, you can send us your pictures at any time though. But if you are a current patient and wish to make an appointment without going to our offices, you can still contact us and schedule an examination.


The Benefits Of Virtual Appointments 

The most obvious benefit of virtual orthodontic services is that we can do consultations for clients who need them during the pandemic. Virtual appointments reduce the number of people sitting in our waiting room, helping us abide by social distancing rules and keeping everyone safe. If orthodontic work is unnecessary, you can save time by opting for a virtual appointment rather than an in-person consultation. 

But the benefits of virtual orthodontic appointments will be with us long after the pandemic is over. Children should receive their first orthodontic screening when they turn 7, as this initial screening can identify if and what orthodontic treatment the child will need in the future. Many problems can be intercepted and corrected before they become major issues that require extensive work. However, some families find it hard to book the appointment, and whatever their reasons, they may put the crucial screening on the back-burner. Unfortunately, this sets up children for a lot of avoidable dental work later in life.

Missing out on an early screening can lead to extensive orthodontic treatment, extractions of permanent teeth, or even jaw surgery. Now, with virtual orthodontic appointments, we can reach more children and people, and they can consult with a dental professional without having to leave their house. If you need some orthodontic consultation, click the “Book Virtual Appointment” button at the top of the page to get started!