Has your orthodontist told you it’s time to take off the braces? When some patients hear this, they might feel a little uneasy about having their braces removed. This is natural: thinking back to the application and adjustment of the wires and brackets can bring back some discomforting memories.

However, we’re here to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about! Brace removal is an easy, painless process, and you can look forward to a beautiful smile after you leave our chair.

How We Remove Your Braces

Removing braces is actually one of the easier jobs in our line of work! The orthodontist uses Sterilized orthodontic pliers to squeeze each bracket to break the adhesive that holds it to your tooth. The orthodontist then cleans away any adhesive that is still stuck to the tooth. The experience may bring a little pressure, but you shouldn’t experience any pain.

The tool we use to remove bracket adhesive from the teeth has another purpose: it polishes your teeth! When the orthodontist has finished, your teeth will likely feel smooth and clean.


What To Expect After The Braces Are Removed

It might feel a little funny at first – after all, your teeth and gums have had pressure on them for months or even years. Suddenly, all that pressure is gone! For many patients, it is normal for your teeth and gums to feel sore for a day or two after, and your gums may be slightly inflamed. This should diminish with a proper brushing and flossing routine.

You might also feel much freer! It’s especially true of your diet – you can have gummies, toffee, popcorn, apples, and other favourites to make up for now that they aren’t off-limits. With your braces off, you’re free to add these foods to your diet again and seriously enjoy them. As dental experts, we’d be prudent not to advise you to make sure you don’t let up your brushing and flossing!


Are There Any Side Effects I Will Notice?

braces removalBraces do a lot to the insides of our mouths. Other than tender gums, you can expect to feel a few side effects that come from the braces. For instance, calluses can form in your mouth that you can’t feel while the orthodontic work is on. These aren’t worth worrying about and will disappear shortly!

Your brace-free teeth may also move slightly, but don’t automatically think that your teeth are moving back to their original positions. Without the wiring and brackets holding them, there may be some little movements as everything settles naturally. REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR RETAINERS AS THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBES YOU TO! Not wearing your retainers will definitely result in unwanted movements of your teeth! If you believe there is significant shifting happening, notify us immediately! Know that if you are not wearing your retainers as we have told you (and each person’s retainer plan is unique to them) you may need re-treatment!

When you hop in our chair one last time, think of it as an occasion to celebrate! The after-effects you may feel are mostly caused by how unfamiliar it feels to have a mouth free from braces. Once you experience the convenience and ease of not having your orthodontic appliances on, you’ll find that adjusting to your newly-aligned smile is easy!