Are you wondering how braces will affect your recreational soccer season? Are you reluctant to sign up your child for football or hockey because of their orthodontic equipment? You don’t have to worry – everyone can still play sports with braces! However, it’s still important to take special precautions to protect your braces and mouth.

Can I Play My Favourite Sports With Braces?

BracesAthletes of all ages – kids, teenagers, and adults – can play sports while wearing braces. However, it’s especially important to protect your mouth and teeth with orthodontic equipment. If you’re hit by a ball, a piece of equipment, or another player, there’s always a chance that the impact will do damage to your teeth and braces.

In many cases, these injuries can result in serious harm that is costly to fix and lengthens the time you need to correct your misalignment. Prevent this means wearing a mouthguard, no matter what sport you’re playing!

How Can I Protect My Braces While Playing Sports?

bracesAn orthodontic mouthguard is one of the best ways to shield your teeth and braces any time you play sports. Many sports require mouthguards, and athletes ordinarily use “boil and bite” mouthguards. With braces, however, the teeth are still shifting into their corrected position. Even within a week, a mouthguard that was once the perfect fit will no longer accommodate your teeth and braces.  So make sure that if you choose to use a “boil and bite” mouthguard, get one that can be boiled several times over.

“Orthodontic” mouthguards are different in that they provide a little more room than regular mouthguards while giving some level of protection. They will shield your mouth against hits that could lead to broken brackets, bleeding gums, and fractured teeth. However, many patients feel that this form of mouthguard has a “sloppy fit” so choose which one is right for you.  Any mouthguard can lower your chances of damage and help you feel more comfortable in play!

Your orthodontist may offer a custom-fit guard that goes in your mouth more comfortably but often, these forms of mouthguards are expensive.

What Should I Do If I Sustain A Mouth Injury?

Falling or being hit can damage your teeth and braces, often in serious ways. If you suffer a sports injury while wearing your braces, you must take care of it immediately. Call your orthodontist as soon as you can to have us assess the situation and determine if you need an emergency corrective procedure.

If Your Child Has Braces, Prepare Them Before The Big Game

Injuries can delay orthodontic treatment, forcing the braces to stay on longer. Before every game, make sure your child has their mouthguard and wears it on the field. A properly fitted mouthguard from the orthodontist will protect their teeth and mouth from the impact that can be routine even in non-contact sports.

Mouth injuries can happen at any time during a game or practice. However, with a mouthguard of any kind, both you and your kids will feel more prepared for the upcoming school and community sports seasons!